PSD’s Relays Station Summer 2024

From the beginning of May until now, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, Ms. Vien Anh – Head of PSD’s warehouse and delivery department in Hanoi has had a “new job”: serving soft drinks and fresh fruit for her warehouse staffs, helping them to cool down after working hard during this hot summer. Even though she had to go to the warehouse earlier as well as stay there later than usual to prepare for this job, in every moment lasting, she always smiled brightly. We feel her joy when having the opportunity to accompany her direct-report staffs in the most practical and sincere way.
Not only Ms. Vien Anh, more than 09 “leaders” of the campaign “PSD Support Stations – Summer 2024” also expressed such sincere joy. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – station leader of PSD Warehouse, Go Vap District, meticulously selected each word to create a unique “PSD Support Stations” sign board for station she handled. Ms. Hoa – station leader of Da Nang office and warehouses, excitedly shared about how her staffs at the station enjoyed minigames periodically… Besides logistics teams, the office teams have also joined various activities such as receiving soft drinks for relax in the middle of working day or joining small competition “Ngày Lộc tháng Lộc”, during the campaign.
Inspired by “water-station” concept in sporty activities and the “Month of Workers” program launched by the PetroVietnam Trade Union, the “PSD Support Station – Summer 2024” is a campaign of providing supplemental drinks and energy for staffs who must conduct hard work during the hot summer: deliveries goods, loading and unloading goods at the warehouse, sales staff going to meet customers out of the office… From there, indirectly encouraging, helping to regenerate the energy for PSD employees in the race to push revenue of the first 6 months 2024. The support station operates periodically on every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The “drink menu” changes daily, Happy Hour on weekly Friday will have fruit, nutritional drinks and minigames. All cost for this campaign is taken from the operating budgets of the PSD Trade Union and for the Company’s internal activities.
Although receiving many positive comments from our employees, we understand that PSD still needs to do more thoughtful things to appreciate those who have contributed and worked hard for the success of this community. We believe that, with the consensus of staffs, PSD community will continue to develop continuously towards reaching the 20-year milestone, contributing to the solidity of Petrosetco Corporation, with a long history of 28 years-and-more sustainable development.


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