PSD internal training: Improving Work Efficiency thanks to licensed Microsoft Office Feature

In the early April, PSD has co-ordinated with the representative of Microsoft Vietnam to organize an internal training program for PSD staff on how to utilize advanced features of Microsoft Office applications. PSD’s belongers had the opportunity to experience and practice the advanced tools available in the Microsoft Window Office package to improve work productivity, strengthen the security control and enhance the quality of data management within the Company; such as how to store data and sharing files effectively through OneDrive, how to use Copilot to create a design, and other advanced applications.

In particular, the training session focused most on introducing the OneDrive feature, which can help users, especially management team, to organize and arrange data clearly and scientifically as well as manage how the people got sharing/direct-report staff interact the files shared through track-loc function of OneDrive, thereby reducing unnecessary information confusion in the process of exchanging files back and forth by email or through other communication platform, then shorten working time and improve communication quality among individuals and individuals, departments and departments.

The world is always moving and changing. In the context. we believe daily improvements by drastically applying technology into practice, continuously updating new licensed features and tools from Microsoft, will help PSD members leverage and optimize resources from technology platforms to innovate and renew their work every day.


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