PSD and Daikin Vietnam hold the event “Barashi 2024” to introduce Daikin’s new product: wall-mounted air conditioner

On the April 22nd, Daikin Vietnam and PSD, hosted Barashi Event to especially launch, the Daikin’s newest wall-mounted air conditioner products for Vietnam market in 2024. Over 100 mechanicians and sub dealers in southern area of Petroleum General Distribution Services Joint Stock Company (PSD) joined the event.

PSD have become the official partner of Daikin Vietnam in April 2024, focusing on flagship products such as air conditioners and air purifiers.

During the event, the representatives from Daikin Vietnam not only shared new features and notable improvements in manufacturing process but also highlighted their strict quality assessment criteria for this year’s new products. Both Daikin’s investment in product development and PSD’s strength of nationwide distribution channel as well as its enthusiastic team are expected to be drastically successful especially during this summer season.

Along with Daikin Vietnam, PSD is committed to offer customers more options to experience high quality product with immediate and dedicated service.


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