In January 2024, PSD invested in the purchase of 6 new Van trucks to enhance the quality of the current truck delivery team and keeping the best delivery service for customers when the amount of delivery orders drastically increases According to the internal report, the amount of delivery orders that PSD carried out in 2023 increased by 171% in comparison with 2022. It is forecasted that this number will be approximately the same in 2024, coming from PSD business activities and PETROSETCO business ecosystem.

The 6 new Van trucks PSD invested is the latest model of Thaco with the largest containers (up to 5.46m3) in comparison with other same models. This is the biggest Van truck in the market has excellent features and is trusted by well-known logistics companies. With these new trucks, it is expected that PSD’s delivery capacity will increase 2.5 times compared to the current truck models. We can provide delivery service for customers 24/24 with no limit on time. This helps PSD continue improving the quality of delivery services, gaining the satisfaction of customers and partners and optimizing the delivery operating cost.


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